Zhejiang Bird Highlights 2017

31 December 2017

1 Ruddy Shelduck (赤麻鸭), Yongqiang, Wenzhou (Chengguang Ye).


30 December 2017

1 Northern Goshawk (苍鹰), Beihu Floodway Area, Yuhang District, Hangzhou (hexie9).

1 Mew Gull (海鸥), Yongqiang, Wenzhou (Meijie Dai).


26 December 2017

1 female White-tailed Robin (白尾蓝地鸲) stayed at Jingshan Park, Wenzhou, for more than one week (Zhong Yang).


25 December 2017

1 Goldcrest (戴菊), Laohe Mountain, Hangzhou (Cheng Qian & Size Zhang).

2 Japanese Thrush (乌灰鸫), Ouhai, Wenzhou (Jinfu Jiang).

1 Dusky Fulvetta (褐顶雀鹛), Cang’nan, Wenzhou (Jiajun Zhou). New for Wenzhou.


23 December 2017

1 died Cinereous Vulture (秃鹫) was found at Lvhua Island (绿华岛), Shengsi County, Zhoushan (Mr Zhou). The third record for Zhejiang in recent years.

1 Japanese Robin (日本歌鸲), Jiufeng Park, Taizhou (Shujiao Zhou).


21 December 2017

2 Bonelli’s Eagle (白腹隼雕), 1 Black-winged Kite (黑翅鸢), Tongling Mountain, Wencheng, Wenzhou (Guanghui Chen & Jinfeng Zhou).


20 December 2017

1 juvenile Golden Eagle (金雕) was photoed at Tianjilongmen scene area (天脊龙门景区), Quzhou by local birder Hezhong Wang. It was regarded as the most surprising record for Zhejiang in the year 2017, as Golden Eagle had been missing for nearly 40 years in Zhejiang!



19 December 2017

4 Relict Gull (遗鸥), 1 Red-breasted Merganser (红胸秋沙鸭), Yongqiang, Wenzhou (Guanghui Chen).

More than 100 White Wagtail ocularis (白鹡鸰 灰背眼纹亚种), Sizaopu Reservoir, Cixi, Ningbo (Qingqian Chen).


18-19 December 2017

High count at Hangzhou Bay wintering bird research: 3000+ Dunlin, 1600+ Kentish Plover, 1100+ Chinese Spot-billed Duck, 800+ Mallard, 300+ Eurasian Curlew, 69 Tundra Swan, 53 Black-faced Spoonbill, 21 Eurasian Spoonbill, 21 Bean Goose ssp, 14 Swan Goose,  7 Greylag Goose, 2 Hen Harrier, 1 Pacific Golden Plover.



17 December 2017

Report of 1 possible male Grey Bunting (灰鹀), along with a group of Black-faced Bunting, at Jiaojiang District, Taizhou (Hongni).

1 Horned Grebe (角䴙䴘), 1 Eurasian Wryneck (蚁鴷), Sizaopu Reservoir, Cixi, Ningbo (Qingqian Chen).

1 Smew (白秋沙鸭), 5 White-browed Laughingthrush (白颊噪鹛), Tongshanyuan Reservoir, Quzhou (Mark Wu).


16 December 2017

 1 Saunders’s Gull (黑嘴鸥), 1 Eurasian Curlew (白腰杓鹬), 1 Ruddy Shelduck (赤麻鸭), Qingshan Lake (Cheng Qian et al.)



12 December 2017

1 Black-legged Kittiwake (三趾鸥), Qingshan Lake, Lin’an District, Hangzhou (Weinan Xu). The fifth for Zhejiang in recent years.


11 December 2017

20+ Dalmatian Pelican (卷羽鹈鹕), Yongqiang, Wenzhou (方人).



9 December 2017

1 Japanese Grosbeak (黑头蜡嘴雀), Huapu Park, Hangzhou (Hongbin Zhou).


6 December 2017

3 Sooty-headed Bulbul (白喉红臀鹎), Taizhou Academy, Jiaojiang District, Taizhou (Zhixiang Pan). The third record for Zhejiang.

Swan Goose (鸿雁), 1 Greater White-fronted Goose (白额雁), Jiangshan River, Quzhou (Hezhong Wang).


5 December 2017

1 Relict Gull (遗鸥), Yongqiang, Wenzhou (Jianbo Lin).


4 December 2017

4 Swan Goose (鸿雁), Qidu Island, Wenzhou (Kevin).


3 December 2017

1 juvenile Common Crane (灰鹤), Hangzhou Bay Wetland (Lihu Xiong). The third record for Zhejiang in recent years, and is a rare wintering record.


Plus 76 Dalmatian Pelican (卷羽鹈鹕), 40+ Black-faced Spoonbill (黑脸琵鹭), 60+ Eurasian Spoonbill (白琵鹭), 10+ Tundra Swan (小天鹅).

3 Red-breasted Merganser (红胸秋沙鸭), Tongshanyuan Reservoir, Quzhou (Hezhong Wang).

7 Scaly-sided Merganser (中华秋沙鸭), Changtan Reservoir, Huangyan, Taizhou (Hongni).


2 December 2017

2 Dalmatian Pelican (卷羽鹈鹕), 60+ Black-faced Spoonbill (黑脸琵鹭), 1 Mew Gull (海鸥), Lingkun Island, Wenzhou (Xiaoning Wang & Jianbo Lin).

1 female Blue-and-white Flycatcher (白腹蓝鹟), very late record, at the University City, Wenzhou (Xiaoning Wang & Jianbo Lin).

1 Ochre-rumped Bunting (红颈苇鹀), 1 Black-winged Kite (黑翅鸢), at Jiaojiang, Taizhou (Hongni).



26 November 2017

One 1st-winter Whooper Swan (大天鹅), Changtan Reservoir, Huangyan, Taizhou (Hongni).



22 November 2017

1 juvenile Daurian Jackdaw (达乌里寒鸦), Rui’an, Wenzhou (Guanghui Chen).


21 November 2017

1 Japanese Robin (日本歌鸲), Dongji island, Zhoushan (via Dongji Hostel).


19 November 2017

1 Scaly-sided Merganser (中华秋沙鸭), Jiangshan River, Quzhou (Hezhong Wang).


17 November 2017

1 Short-eared Owl (短耳鸮), Beihu Floodway Area, Yuhang District, Hangzhou (Xiongzhuang He).


15 November 2017

2 Hooded Crane (白头鹤) via Rongbi Tang, 1 Reed Bunting (芦鹀) via Xiongzhuang He, 1 Yellow-breasted Bunting (黄胸鹀) via Xiaolong Hu, at Beihu Floodway Area, Yuhang District, Hangzhou.


14 November 2017

4 Ochre-rumped Bunting (红颈苇鹀), 1 juvenile Brown-cheeked Rail (普通秧鸡), Beihu Floodway Area, Yuhang District, Hangzhou (Cheng Qian et al.)


13 November 2017

1 Yellow Bunting (硫磺鹀), 3 Yellow-breasted Bunting (黄胸鹀), Dongtou, Wenzhou (Guanghui Chen).

4 Siberian Rubythroat (红喉歌鸲), Ouhai, Wenzhou (Jinfu Jiang).


11 November 2017

6 Ferruginous Pochard (白眼潜鸭), Beihu Floodway Area, Yuhang, Hangzhou (Cheng Qian et al.)


10 November 2017

1 Japanese Grosbeak (黑头蜡嘴雀), University City, Wenzhou (Xiaoning Wang).

1 juvenile Northern Goshawk (苍鹰), Beihu Floodway Area, Yuhang, Hangzhou (Xiaolong Hu)


10 November 2017

1 Black-legged Kittiwake (三趾鸥), Xiaonanhai Town, Longyou County, Quzhou (Hezhong Wang). The fourth for Zhejiang in recent years.


8 November 2017

1 Yellow-breasted Bunting (黄胸鹀), Beihu Floodway Area, Yuhang District, Hangzhou (sheen).


8 November 2017

1 juvenile Northern Goshawk (苍鹰), Xixi Wetland Park, Hangzhou (osdwq).


6 November 2017

2 Relict Gull (遗鸥), Qiantang River, Hangzhou (Shengmei Chen).


5 November 2017

1 possible Japanese Bush Warbler (日本树莺) ssp riuqiuensis, North Panshan Island (北爿山屿), Dongtou, Wenzhou (TT).


4 November 2017

2 Asian Short-toed Lark (亚洲短趾百灵) and 2 Lesser White-fronted Goose (小白额雁), Jiaojiang, Taizhou (Hongni).

1 Von Schrenck’s Bittern (紫背苇鳽), Bailuzhou Park, Wenzhou (Jinfu Jiang). A late record.


2 November 2017

1 Ochre-rumped Bunting (红颈苇鹀), Beihu Floodway Area, Yuhang District, Hangzhou (Xiongzhuang He). The earliest record for the year.


1 November 2017

2 Germain’s Swiftlet (戈氏金丝燕), 2 Reed Bunting (芦鹀), Rui’an, Wenzhou (Qingliang Wang & Guanghui Chen).

1 Rook (秃鼻乌鸦), Qidu island (七都岛), Wenzhou (Bin Huo).


27 October 2017

[MEGA] 1 European Pied Flycatcher (斑姬鹟) was found at Shangyu, Shaoxing (sheen). The first for Zhejiang and it only has less than five records in China.



1 male Merlin (灰背隼), Tongpu, Rui’an, Wenzhou (Guanghui Chen & Qingliang Wang).


23 October 2017

1 juvenile Greater Spotted Eagle (乌雕), Tongshanyuan Reservoir, Quzhou (Hezhong Wang). The second record for Zhejiang in recent years.



21 October 2017

1 Red-whiskered Bulbul (红耳鹎), Xixi Wetland Park, Hangzhou (Jiaxun Huang).


20 October 2017

1 Rook (秃鼻乌鸦), Beihu Floodway Area, Yuhang, Hangzhou (via 杭州老豆).


15 October 2017

[MEGA] 1 (or 2) Bonin Petrel (白额圆尾鹱) was picked up at Luqiao Airport, Taizhou after Tropical Storm Khanun, but assumed to be eaten (sad news…) and lack of further information. As a seabird, Bonin Petrel rarely visits the land, so unsurprisingly this is the first record for Zhejiang.



6 October 2017

[MEGA] 1 Silver-backed Needletail (灰喉针尾雨燕) was observed with a group of White-throated Needletail at Yesheng Forest Farm, Wencheng, Wenzhou (Guanghui Chen et al.). The first for Zhejiang.



26 September 2017

1 Northern Hawk-Cuckoo (北鹰鹃), Xiaoyangshan Island, Shengsi, Zhoushan (Mcaribou).


23 September 2017

4 Grey-headed Canary Flycatcher (方尾鹟), Anren, Quzhou (Hezhong Wang). A high account record.


22 September 2017

1 Northern Hawk-Cuckoo (北鹰鹃), Jiulong Mountain, Pinghu, Jiaxing (Mcaribou).


17 September 2017

1 Little Stint (小滨鹬), Yongqiang, Wenzhou (Xiaoning Wang & Jianbo Lin).


23 July 2017

3 Bulwer’s Petrel (褐燕鹱), locally common breeding bird in the East China Sea, were observed during the boat trips to Jiushan Islands, Ningbo (Mark Wu).


17-18 June 2017

A pair of Fujian Niltava (棕腹大仙鹟) & 1 Sultan Tit (冕雀), Fengyang Mountain, Longquan (Xuan Li). Both are Lifer for Zhejiang!


Other highlights including Coal Tit (煤山雀), Buff-throated Warbler (棕腹柳莺), White-spectacled Warbler (白眶鹟莺) and Small Niltava (小仙鹟).


6 May 2017

1 presumed Short-tailed Shearwater (短尾鹱) among a group of Black-tailed Gull at Dongtou, Wenzhou (Fanmonkey).


5 May 2017

[MEGA] 1 Little Gull (小鸥), Haoxi River, Lishui (Xuan Li). The first record for Zhejiang!



18 May 2017

1 Merlin (灰背隼), Hangzhou Bay Wetland Area, Ningbo (Qingqian Chen).


14 May 2017

A pair of Eurasian Eagle-Owl (雕鸮) was found breeding in Yuyao, Ningbo (Guanyu Xu).


25 April 2017

1 male White-tailed Robin (白尾蓝地鸲), which could be a migrating individual, was found died at Hangzhou High School (via Yihong Li).


16 April 2017

2 Little Stint (小滨鹬), Xiaoshan, Hangzhou (Jianyue Song).

1 Greater Short-toed Lark (大短趾百灵), 1 Citrine Wagtail (黄头鹡鸰) and 1 Common Rosefinch (普通朱雀). Beiji Islands, Wenzhou (Xiaoning Wang & Jianbo Lin).


15 April 2017

2 Little Stint (小滨鹬), Dongtou, Wenzhou (Jianlin Zheng).


14 April 2017

[MEGA] 2 Greater Flamingo (大红鹳), Hangzhou Bay Wetland, Ningbo (Jianqing Shi). The second record for Zhejiang. They could be vagrant individuals or escaped birds.


1 White-capped Water Redstart (白顶溪鸲), Lingnan Village, Shangyu District, Shaoxing (Jiale Tian). The sixth record for Zhejiang in recent years.


4 March 2017

2 Lesser White-fronted Goose (小白额雁), Yongqiang, Wenzhou (Jie Sun).


27 February 2017

1 Verditer Flycatcher (铜蓝鹟), Taoshan, Rui’an, Wenzhou (Guanghui Chen).


18 February 2017

[MEGA] 1 Water Rail (西方秧鸡), Qidu Island (七都岛), Wenzhou (Xiaoning Wang & Jianbo Lin). The first for Zhejiang!



12 February 2017

1 Red-whiskered Bulbul (红耳鹎), Wuchao Mountain, Hangzhou (via 小草).


11 February 2017

1 Slaty-backed Gull (灰背鸥), Lingkun Island, Wenzhou (Xiaoning Wang & Yun Pang).

2 Chinese Thrush (宝兴歌鸫), Yuehu Park, Ningbo (Bing Li).


31 January 2017

1 Long-billed Dowitcher (长嘴鹬), Shangyu, Shaoxing (Jianyue Song).


26 January 2017

1 Red-breasted Flycatcher (红胸姬鹟), Jiaxing Botanical Garden, Jiaxing (Hongbin Zhou).

1 Common Rosefinch (普通朱雀), Lishui (Xuan Li).


21 January 2017

2 Japanese Robin (日本歌鸲), Mingang Mountain, Ouhai, Wenzhou (Qingliang Wang).


15 January 2017

1 Merlin (灰背隼), Yongqiang, Wenzhou (Xiaoning Wang & Jianbo Lin).


10 January 2017

1 adult Pallas’s Gull (渔鸥), West Lake, Hangzhou (via 寻鸟路). The fourth record for Zhejiang in recent years.


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